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Cheekbone fillers are a viable solution to lift and give volume to the cheeks. Depending on the type of effect and duration desired, there are different types of cheekbone fillers. Among the most popular are those based on hyaluronic acid.


What is cheekbone filler

In the field of aesthetic medicine, fillers are a common solution. The goal is to temporarily relieve the signs of aging in a given area by inserting substances that “fill in.”

Cheekbone fillers represent noninvasive injections to rejuvenate the cheek area and remove wrinkles.


How cheekbone filler works

The first step to take if you are willing to have the treatment done on you is to check whether the procedure is feasible in your case. In fact, through medical consultation, all those factors that may define the pertinence of the treatment such as medical history, allergies, expectations are analyzed.

On the day of surgery, after preparing everything necessary, the surgeon proceeds with the injections. In some cases, a numbing cream may be rubbed on the skin to relieve pain.

The duration of treatment varies depending on how many injections need to be performed, but it is generally in the range of 10 to 20 minutes.

Following treatment, the first results are visible immediately. You can immediately return to normal life, although sun exposure and alcohol use in the hours following the infiltrations are not recommended.


Features of cheekbone fillers

Similar to other solutions such as the lips filler or the nose-labial grooves, cheekbone fillers are also temporary. We generally talk about durations ranging from 6 to 24 months.

This is one of the main benefits, as people do not have to worry about the permanence of the results.

The main benefits also include convalescence, which is substantially inesistent, and modifiability. This means that even after a filler treatment, subsequent sessions can be added to reinforce the cheekbone area.


Are there any risks after a cheekbone filler

As with most medical treatments, there are risks that the patient should be aware of.

In general, if a serious medical center is chosen, the risks are very limited. Among the main ones, although rare, are always the formation of small granules and the displacement of injected substances to other areas.

As for the most common side effects of cheekbone fillers there are swelling, the appearance of bruising and redness.

In order to avoid the appearance of skin infections, it is important not to touch the face in the following hours after infiltrations and to maintain high hygiene.


Cellin Beauty Clinic and the use of fillers

More and more patients decide to turn to our clinic to undergo non-invasive treatments such as cheekbone fillers.

We are an innovative entity equipped with the latest medical technologies available and in which professionals medical professionals highly experienced doctors operate daily.

Contact us at the following link for more information about fillers and consultations and we will get back to you as soon as possible.