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The upper third rejuvenation is a common practice in modern aesthetic medicine.

This term refers to that treatment useful for lifting the eyelids, eliminating forehead wrinkles and firming the temple area.

Thanks to this procedure, it is possible to regain a more youthful and toned appearance.


What is meant by upper third

Over the years, technological advancement in the medical field has made it possible to cure physiological conditions that were impossible until recently.

Improvements are mainly in the field of aesthetics, where patients have more and more choices available to them that are more or less complex.

In this sense, there is an increasing demand for those treatments, such as the “upper third,” where we act by improving a certain area overall, eliminating the signs of aging such as wrinkles or “crow’s feet” around the eyes. In the case of the upper third, we are talking about the area of the face from the eye area upward. In contrast, the “middle” third deals with the cheekbones and cheeks while the “lower” third deals with the lips, chin and jawline.


What results can I achieve at the upper third

The main goal of an upper third treatment is to obtain a more rejuvenated look and skin.

Results can be achieved through various techniques and address three issues:

  • Dark circles, when they darken and are accompanied by bags in the eyelids
  • Lids, when they lower the position of the eyebrows
  • Wrinkles, especially in the forehead and around the eyes


The wrinkles of the upper third

One of the goals of the upper third is precisely to reduce wrinkles in the upper area of the face.

This area often contains a “concentration” of wrinkles due to the low presence of collagen. This leads to the skin becoming wrinkled and looking dull and tired.

By means of upper third you can go to treat all types of wrinkles such as:

  • Frontline, horizontal in character
  • Chicken’s foot, circular in shape that appear around the eyes
  • Nose labials, near the root of the nose
  • Glabellar, also called “of the thinker”


How the treatment works

Several aesthetic medicine alternatives exist to treat the upper third. Among the most common are butolin toxin injections, the use of fillers, microneedling, and nonsurgical blepharoplasty.

Botox for upper third

The botox is an aesthetic medicine treatment that consists of injecting a butolin toxin that reduces muscle contraction. The working principle is based on interrupting electrical signals between nerves and muscles.

The procedure takes about 20 minutes and results are visible for several months.

Filler-based treatment

Filler is the term used to describe injection of hyaluronic acid and other substances to increase volume, stretch and moisturize the skin. The injections have a very short duration (a few minutes) and the duration can extend for up to a year.


It is based on the use of an instrument with several needles that stimulates collagen production and blood circulation with long-lasting effects.

Non-surgical Clepharoplasty

It consists of thermal sublimation that in 10-15 minutes improves the eyelid prosi effect and rejuvenates the eyes. Results extend for many months.