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Trattamento Ultrasuoni Viso

Ultrasound is an innovative technique for treating blemishes of the body and face..

The goal of this treatment is to rejuvenate and improve the appearance of certain areas of the body by increasing collagen production.

Key benefits include improvement of wrinkles, pH normalisation, and skin tightening.


What you need to know about ultrasound therapy

Undergoing ultrasound treatment is a simple, safe, and noninvasive way to improve your appearance without having to give up your daily routine.

The therapy is based on the cell renewal mechanism. The heat generated by ultrasound inside the skin alters its state of balance, with several positive effects.

Among the main ones are:

  • Stimulation of blood circulation which increases the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the cells
  • Promotion of cellular renewal
  • Skin and wrinkle tightening through stimulation in collagen production
  • Full-body anti-cellulite treatment
  • Body pH normalization
  • Lifting effect

The treatment is painless. In case you are particularly sensitive, you may require topical anesthetizers to be applied before the session.


Features of ultrasound treatment


The equipment used for the treatment allows for different levels of intensity by varying the frequency of operation, which is particularly important for adjusting the treatment to different areas of the body.

For example, more gentle treatment with a higher frequency should be used for sensitive areas such as the forehead or neck, while a lower frequency is preferred for areas like the arms or legs.

Generally, the lower the frequency, the deeper into the skin the waves will penetrate.

How it works

Before undergoing an ultrasound treatment, it is necessary to have a medical examination during which the patient’s goals are defined and the initial condition is analyzed.

On the day of the session, the patient goes to the doctor’s office where the procedure will be performed. Prior to the start of the therapy, depending on the case, the practitioner may apply some topical anesthetic.

At this point, a special gel is applied, and the ultrasound instrument is placed over the treated area.

The parameters of the instrument can be adjusted depending on the areas and targets.

The duration of the treatment varies from a minimum of half an hour to a maximum of 2 hours.

Results and post-treatment

Immediately after treatment, the patient is free to return to his or her daily activities without any constraints.

The first results are visible immediately and relate particularly to a rejuvenation of the skin. This effect is most noticeable in the face, which will present a more youthful and fresh appearance.

Depending on personal goals, achieving them may require several sessions over time.

Comparison with surgical methods

Compared with surgical solutions, the ultrasonic method is preferred whenever a less invasive and side-effect-free approach is desired, net of the slight redness that may occur immediately after the session.

Ultrasonic treatment is generally much cheaper than classic facelift.