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Tattoo removal is a growing phenomenon as much as the tattoo trend. Indeed, while more and more people are deciding to imprint a permanent mark on their skin, many others would like to go back.

Before undergoing a tattoo removal treatment, there are several aspects that are good to consider.


Is tattoo removal possible?

The process of tattoo removal is not as simple and straightforward as getting a tattoo, as results and timing may vary depending on the extent of the tattoo and the type of pigments used.

There are various techniques that can be used for tattoo removal, with laser surgery being the most common, but alternatives are available.

In every case, important factors such as financial commitment, effectiveness, timing, and the risk of scarring must be taken into consideration.


Tattoo removal techniques

Laser removal

The most well-known process for tattoo removal utilizes lasers. To remove the pigments, a type of laser called “Q-switched” is used, which emits concentrated pulses of light to break down the pigment particles. These particles are then absorbed by the body’s phagocytic cells, resulting in lightening and elimination of the tattoo.

If the tattoo contains multiple colors, different lasers with specific wavelengths may be required for removal.

Laser tattoo removal is considered the safest, quickest, and most effective technique

Surgical removal

Compared to the previous case, the tattoo is removed through the use of a scalpel by removing the flap of skin. This procedure has been always performed under local anesthesia. The treatment is very invasive and often used as a last resort.


The process of dermabrasion involves cooling the skin followed by abrasion of the skin with a rotating instrument. To date, dermabrasion has been completely supplanted by laser removal.


What I need to know before removing a tattoo with laser

Time duration

The time it takes to remove a tattoo is not established in advance and depends on many factors such as size, presence of colors, shades, and more.


The issue of cost is related to the time the technician needs to do the work. Indeed, in the case of laser treatment, several sessions may be required. Each session may have a cost similar to that of the tattoo you wish to remove.


When it comes to pain, it should be considered that this is very subjective and relative to one’s sensitivity. In any case, especially for laser therapy, it is not a painless if always bearable process.

Side effects

The skin area where a tattoo has been removed may have side effects. These include being the appearance of swelling, redness, blisters and scabs..

There is no need to worry as they will disappear completely within a few days.