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Soprano ICE Platinum Roma

What is the Soprano ICE Platinum

The Soprano ICE Platinum is a revolutionarylaser hair removal treatment designed to provide a comfortable, safe, and painless experience for patients. This cutting-edge technology combinesthree different wavelengths in a single handpiece, providing complete coverage and unprecedented effectiveness in combating unwanted hair. In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of the Soprano ICE Platinum, as well as how this treatment can improve the quality of your skin and your safety at all times of the day, even the most intimate ones.

Facial Tip: treatment for hard-to-reach areas

Soprano ICE Platinum laser treatment is designed to remove hair from all areas of the body, even the hard-to-reach areas. With the Facial Tip adapter, you can treat areas such as the ears, nostrils and glabella with precision and safety. The adapter fits all modules, offering a versatile and complete solution for treating hair in delicate and sensitive areas.

NIR Body: improvement of body blemishes

The NIR Body (Near Infrared) module of the Soprano ICE Platinum is designed to improve the appearance of skin all over the body. This technology causes subdermal heating, stimulating the synthesis of new collagen and improving body blemishes in a completely painless and comfortable way. Through NIR Body treatment, patients can achieve firmer, more elastic and younger-looking skin.

Hygienic Tip: safe and hygienic treatment for intimate areas

Hair removal in intimate areas requires a safe and hygienic approach. The Soprano ICE Platinum features the Hygienic Tip disposable adapter, specifically designed for intimate area hair removal treatment. This adapter ensures a safe and hygienic experience, minimizing the risk of infection and ensuring maximum cleanliness during the process.

NIR Face: toning and improving the skin

Soprano ICE Platinum’s high-power NIR Face lamp was developed to improve the quality of facial skin. Through controlled thermal heating, the NIR Face lamp increases skin temperature and stimulates the production of new collagen. This process helps tone and improve the skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and giving a fresher, more youthful appearance.

The Power of Three: three technologies in one diode

To celebrate its 10th year of continuous recognition and success, Alma Lasers is proud to introduce the Soprano, which brings together all three diode technologies within a unique and innovative handpiece. This combination of wavelengths ensures a complete and effective treatment, regardless of the patient’s skin or hair type. Alma Lasers’ three patented technologies offer numerous benefits for hair removal:

SHR™: Super Hair Removal

SHR™ (Super Hair Removal) technology achieves gradual heating of the dermis, reaching the ideal temperature to damage the hair follicle and prevent its regrowth. The high selectivity of this technology prevents damage to the surrounding tissue, making the treatment safe and effective.

IN MOTION™: treatment in motion

The IN MOTION™ technology allows treatment to be performed in motion, ensuring total coverage of the area to be treated. This approach ensures uniform hair removal and minimizes the risk of untreated areas.

ICE™: skin cooling

ICE™ technology uses a sapphire tip to cool the skin surface during treatment. This helps minimize the risk of burns, increases patient comfort, and makes treatment virtually painless.


FDA: approval for all skin phototypes

Alma Lasers is the only company in the world to have Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval to treat all skin phototypes (skin types I-VI) and tanned skin. This means that Soprano ICE Platinum is suitable for a wide range of patients, regardless of skin color or the presence of tan.


The combination of the 3 different wavelengths

The three different wavelengths of the Soprano ICE Platinum work together to provide complete coverage and optimal effectiveness in treating unwanted hair:

ALEX 755 nm: this wavelength has greater melanin absorption, affecting all hair types, including light and fine hair. The main target of this wavelength is the bulge area of the hair follicle, the most superficial.

SPEED 810 nm: This wavelength has moderate melanin absorption and deeper penetration into the hair follicle, allowing it to reach the hair bulge directly. It is ideal for all skin types, including darker skin types.

YAG 1064 nm: This wavelength has low melanin absorption and deeper penetration into the hair follicle, allowing it to treat darker skin. In addition to the bulb, it also reaches the papilla, providing a complete and thorough treatment.


The benefits of Soprano ICE Platinum

Soprano ICE Platinum offers a synergistic benefit among the most effective wavelengths for hair removal, each of which has a different target along the hair follicle structure. The main three anatomical targets include the bulge area, the bulb, and the papilla.

Due to the combination of the three wavelengths, the Soprano ICE Platinum ensures greater effectiveness and coverage in laser treatments as different depths of the hair follicle are reached simultaneously.


Conclusion: choose the Soprano ICE Platinum for smooth and hairless skin

The Soprano ICE Platinum represents a breakthrough in laser hair removal, offering a safe, painless and highly effective treatment for all skin and hair types. With its three different wavelengths and numerous advanced features, the Soprano ICE Platinum provides excellent results in the fight against unwanted hair, improving the appearance and quality of the skin.

If you want to get rid of unwanted hair and enjoy smooth and toned skin, the Soprano ICE Platinum is the ideal solution for you. Rely on this innovative treatment and experience its extraordinary benefits. With Soprano ICE Platinum, you can say goodbye to unwanted hair and enjoy smooth and toned skin in a simple, safe and comfortable way. Prepare your body and face for a transformation that will improve your self-esteem and overall well-being. Rely on the power of Soprano ICE Platinum’s three combined technologies and begin your journey to more beautiful, hair-free skin.