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Trattamento Lassità Cutanea

The term skin laxity refers to all those skin imperfections that appear over time in areas such as the arms, knees, or abdominal area.

To combat these changes, such as lack of elasticity or lack of firmness, we have an innovative tool at our disposal: Morpheus8.


Morpheus8 and skin laxity

To counteract imperfections of the body and face, the world’s best aesthetic clinics use Morpheus8.

It is a solution that emits fractional radiofrequencies that aim to reshape the deep layers of the skin.


How the treatment for skin laxity works

The use of Morpheus8 for skin blemishes such as laxity improves collagen production, giving the skin a rejuvenated and fresh appearance.

The mechanism of operation is very simple. Through the instrument, electromagnetic waves are focused that act on the deep layers of the skin.

Specifically, the thermal effect generated by RF allows altering the thermal balance, which, in turn, stimulates the release of collagen.

The presence of new collagen replaces previous collagen and regenerates the skin. The skin is progressively pushed to revitalize, with an improving firming effect in terms of complexion, tone and elasticity.

At the same time, greater heat in depth means greater blood circulation, which in turn generates a greater blood and nutrient supply to cells.


Kim Kardashian and laxity treatment with Morpheus8

Aesthetic treatments are very popular among VIPs, especially those in Hollywood. And it is precisely the “queen” Kim Kardashian, a U.S. model and entrepreneur, who tells about her experience with Morpheus8.

In a post published on social media, she told with photos and description of how she underwent the treatment to improve the abdomen area.

Specifically, in addition to acting against physiological changes in the skin, the use of RF allows to fight fat concentrations and reduce the phenomenon of cellulite.


Other applications of Morpheus8

In addition to skin laxity, Morheus8 can be effectively used to treat:

  • Localized Adiposity
  • Abdomen, thighs and buttocks reshaping


Features of laxity treatment


The issue of pain is very important in choosing the most suitable treatment for oneself. With regard to the use of Morpheus8 and RF, one cannot speak of real pain but more like pain, especially in sensitive parts.


Before undergoing treatment with Morpheus8, it is important to have a consultation with a physician informed about the technique. 

In general, RF treatment for skin laxity is not recommended for female patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding and for all people with cardiovascular issues or pacemaker carriers.

Side effects

Side effects are minimal and involve the possible appearance of temporary local redness.


The importance of the medical center

When considering undergoing treatment for skin laxity, it is fundamental to contact a specialized medical center.

In fact, not all centers use state-of-the-art instrumentation or have the experience necessary to have the desired results achieved.

Rely on a center of excellence like the Cellin Beauty Clinic!