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It is an innovative laser that allows a reduction of localized fat through non-invasive lipolysis, without surgical interventions, without sedation and without interrupting one’s social life.
During the first visit, the solution that allows to achieve the desired result is sought in agreement with the patient.
In most cases, excellent results can be achieved with just one session.
The SculpSure session lasts only 25 minutes.
No pain: the session takes place in complete patient relaxation, without pain, anesthesia or recovery times.
SculpSure effectively treats the localized fat even in a single session, reducing the adiposity of about 25%, without pain, discomfort and without any convalescence. Over time, the body naturally eliminates fat cells with appreciable results in about 30 days and optimal results in 60 days.
· Controlled hyperthermal reduction of fat
· Raises the temperature of the adipose tissue
· No damage to the skin tissue
· Up to 24% fat reduction
· Clinically tested on over 1000 patients
· Satisfaction rate over 90%
· Comfortable and well tolerated treatment
· It can be used on all skin types

Treatment can be performed all year round, without any limitation from sun exposure. More anatomical areas can be treated together. SculpSure is the innovative and non-invasive treatment for localized fat, the only FDA-approved laser for non-invasive lipolysis of the hips and abdomen, based on controlled light.