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Trattamenti Cicatrici E Smagliature

Among the most troublesome skin imperfections are undoubtedly scars and stretch marks. These marks, found on both male and female bodies, often produce embarrassment and fear, especially when they are found in intimate areas.

Thanks to the advancement of medical technology, it is now possible to treat these imperfections, and achieve substantial improvement.


Scars and stretch marks: permanent blemishes

Whether due to pregnancy, weight gain, or medical conditions, scars and stretch marks are a burden for many of us.

Think, for example, of the scars left by acne on the face of a young person or the stretch marks on a young woman in areas such as the abdomen or breasts. All are indelible marks that can result in loss of confidence or embarrassment.

Is there a way to get rid of them?


Alma Laser and the treatment of scars

At our center, we utilize state-of-the-art technology in the medical-aesthetic field.

One of our innovative instruments is the “Alma Laser,” a device specifically designed for scar treatment, especially for acne scars.

The laser uses pulsed light emissions to treat various skin conditions, depending on the patient’s needs.

For instance, it can penetrate deeply to eliminate damaged and superficial skin cells. Alternatively, its intensity can be reduced for treatment of more superficial skin layers.

With the Alma Laser, scar treatment results are permanent. Additionally, the laser helps combat and counteract signs of skin aging caused by external factors such as sunlight or smoking, as well as natural aging processes.


Carboxytherapy for stretch marks

To treat stretch marks, one of the most suitable treatments is carboxytherapy.

This therapy consists of a series of subcutaneous injections that stimulate oxygenation and blood circulation, generally improving the health of the skin.

Injections of carbon dioxide are used in this procedure, which has a necrotizing effect on fat cells and also stimulates the activity of skin fibroblasts. The increase in carbon dioxide levels in the body leads to greater oxygenation of the area, resulting in improved fibroblast activity. This biostimulation helps to improve the signs associated with stretch marks.

No specific preparation is required for carboxytherapy.

After a series of sessions, typically lasting no more than half an hour each, as agreed upon with your treating physician, the skin treated with carboxytherapy will appear more natural, youthful, firm, and hydrated.


Treatment Features

Before undergoing a treatment for scars and stretch marks, make sure you have chosen a medical center of excellence where the latest available technologies are used and the doctors are experienced professionals.

As for the results, they are visible from the first session but it takes several sessions to achieve significant effects.

The course is completely painless and after each session you can resume your daily activities without any problems.

Drawbacks pertain to women who are pregnant or lactating and people who suffer from cardiovascular disease or have a pacemaker.