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NIR Alma Laser

NIR technology is an innovative system to remedy the signs of aging such as wrinkles and skin laxity..

The purpose of the treatment is to relax the skin through stimulation of collagen production.

Among the most frequently requested areas for this procedure are the forehead, jaw, neck, hands and abdomen.


What is NIR

The passage of years shows its signs progressively on our bodies. Wrinkles, little elasticity and laxity can appear on our skin, making us less youthful and even less attractive.

To solve this problem, besides classic solutions such as fillers or botox, there is an innovative way: NIR.

An English acronym for “Near-infrared,” this is anon-invasive solution based on the emission of nanoparticles that stimulate collagen production.


Principle of operation of NIR

It has been verified that the use of infrared radiation is significant for the treatment of certain skin conditions.

In particular, the efficacy of NIR radiation is seen when the skin is affected by wrinkles and skin laxity. 

In fact, the action of the treatment leads to the stimulation of collagen self-production by the body. This, in turn, allows for the increase of collagen in fibroblasts, which act as anti-wrinkle agents at the cosmetic level.


How the treatment works

First, one must undergo a medical examination at the facility chosen for the treatment. During this phase, the patient’s individual condition and the results to be achieved will be analyzed.

In some cases, it is also possible to predict the results that can be achieved post-treatment.

Once the course of action has been defined, one goes to the medical facility on the day of treatment. The procedure simply consists of the use ofinstrumentation that emits infrared light to the chosen parts of the body, reaching even deep layers of the skin.

Before starting the treatment, a cooling gel is applied to the treated area.


General characteristics of NIR

Pain perception

One of the most important issues concerns the sensation of pain. In this case, throughout the treatment no pain symptoms are perceived..

It is possible to feel a sensation of heat, similar to that due to tanning in summer, but this can be dampened by the application of gel.

Duration of NIR treatment

The duration is a function of the area to be treated. It generally varies around 30-60 minutes..

After how long the results are seen

The first results are visible immediately after the procedure. However, in some cases, it is necessary to wait 24-48 hours for the treated skin to rebalance after the treatment.

How many NIR sessions are needed

Generally speaking, several sessions may be needed to benefit from long-term results..

In most cases, sessions range from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 8. Each session should be spaced from the next by at least 3-4 weeks.

Side effects

NIR treatment is completely noninvasive, especially when compared to classic aesthetic medicine methods. The only side effects that may appear concern the appearance of redness in the areas that are treated.

Usually, this effect disappears a few hours after treatment.

Post-treatment limitations

There is no limitation in daily activities post-NIR.