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Morpheus 8 Nella Clinica Di Roma

If you are looking for a simple, fast and painless therapy to reshape your body in Rome, Morpheus 8 could be the right solution..

We are talking about an instrument that, through electromagnetic waves, manages to renew the skin and tone the tissues.

This type of treatment lasts between 20 and 30 minutes, involves several sessions and allows us to rejuvenate our appearance.


For whom it is indicated

The ideal candidate for this treatment is a person looking for a non-invasive method to improve the aesthetic condition of their skin.


Morpheus 8: the alternative to surgery

More and more people in Rome and throughout Italy, both women and men, are looking for a functional and effective method to combat the signs of aging.

While it is true that a healthy diet and constant physical activity certainly help, many times the skin still shows inestetisms such as laxity, furrows, scars. And it is precisely in these situations that Morpheus 8 comes into play.

Manufactured and distributed by INMODE, it consists of the latest generation of instrumentation that has the ability to act in the subcutaneous layers of the skin with a minimally invasive action.

The goal for this alternative method is to reshape the skin of the face and the entire body.


How the aesthetic treatment with Morpheus 8 works

The Morpheus 8 treatment works by delivering electromagnetic waves into the non-surface layers of the skin. This is achieved by a series of very small needles that imperceptibly penetrate the skin and generate heat pulses. The heat pulses can reach depths of up to 8 millimeters, resulting in various reactions and benefits.

The controlled heat produced during the treatment produces a number of beneficial reactions in the treated tissue, including an increase in:

  • In the production of collagen and elastin
  • Of the oxygenation of the area
  • Of the blood flow into the surrounding tissues


What advantages do I have with Morpheus 8 in the Rome clinic?”

The main goal of Morpheus 8 in our clinic in Rome, is to reshape the sub-dermal layers through its direct action on the fat tissues.

Among the main benefits of this treatment we can find:

  • Treatment of the dermal lesions of the body
  • Treatment of the phenomenon of acne and scars
  • Containment of stretch marks
  • Reduction of skin damage due to the Sun
  • Skin tightening
  • Rejuvenating effect

Treatment planning with Morpheus 8

Aesthetic treatments of this type certainly show immediate results even a few minutes after a session. But to achieve adequate and long-lasting results, we have to consider submitting to several consecutive sessions..

It will be up to the doctor who, based on the patient’s condition and on his expectations, will assess the number of sessions needed.

Initial visit

The first session is crucial in order to understand the patient’s starting point.

During this phase, the patient’s starting skin condition is analyzed, particularly the areas that are desired to be improved.

Contextually, the goals one wishes to achieve and the medical history are also analyzed.

At this stage, it is important to understand whether treatment with Morpheus 8 may be the right solution, or if the patient should opt for other therapies.

If there is agreement, the doctor sets up a plan for a few sessions.

Usually each session is separated from the next by a month, but the timing may vary from case to case.

The day of treatment

On the scheduled day, the patient has to the agreed medical facility, which can also be an ambulatory.

Before undergoing the treatment, an aesthetic anesthetizing cream is distributed to the area of the body that will be treated.

This is helpful in limiting the sensation of pain during the session.


In contrast to other therapies, following a session with Morpheus 8 does not include any particular limitations and you can return to your daily life immediately.

Minor local redness might occur, but you do not have to worry, it will disappear in a few days.


Pain perception

A small discomfort related to heat pulses is felt during the treatment. Due to the use of anesthetic cream before each session, the patient could feel nothing about the pain.


Morpheus 8 therapies available

Facial treatment

Mainly chosen area for a treatment with Moprhues 8 is the face. In particular, the remodeling action is significant in areas such as the tear furrows, the contour lip, the mandible, and the cheeks.

Body treatment

All the benefits obtainable from INMODE’s instrument on the face also could be applied to the body. In this case, the areas mainly chosen for treatments are the back along the spine, the biceps gill, thighs, belly and knees.

Collagen stimulation

Stimulation of collagen production is one of the major pros concerning Morpheus 8. Due to the increased presence of this substance, you will have benefits such as greater hydration, increased elasticity, and reduced wrinkles.

Care of dark skin tones

With this tool you can also treat dark skin tones, up to type VI, without any risk of inflammation.


Contraindications of Morpheus 8

The treatment is generally recommended in all cases where you want to reshape your skin but do not fall into one of the following situations:

  • Pregnancy
  • Lactation
  • Presence of special health conditions
  • Presence of infections in the affected areas

Scientific background

The technology on which Morpheus 8 is based comes from a series of scientific studies demonstrating the efficacy of RF treatments in anti-adipose remodelling.



If you would like more information about the therapy or would like to make an initial appointment, contact us directly at the following link.



Morpheus 8 therapy is effective, fast, long-lasting and painless. It is carried out by an instrument that emits RF radiation that penetrates the skin, targets fat concentrations and remodels tissues.

The stimulation of collagen and elastin makes it possible to rejuvenate the face and cure various superficial imperfections all along the body.

The treatment has no special contraindications except for pregnancy, lactation and the presence of infection.

Following each session, the patient can safely return to his or her daily life with no particular discomfort or side effects.

The course to be followed is organised between doctor and patient.