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The “Bold Brows” method is a microblading technique developed by the “Phi Academy” suitable for eyebrows..

Through this treatment, you can achieve thicker eyebrows with a natural effect that respects the proportions of your face.


Phi Academy and Microblading

Phi Academy is a beauty academy founded by Brank Babic that offers training courses and products for all-around beauty treatments.

Among the academy’s main areas of action, in addition to shaved effect tattooing, is Microblading, which is that aesthetic specialty that aims to correct the shape and size of eyebrows through the insertion of pigment lines.

The name comes from the English “micro” and “blade,” Italian for “blade.” In fact, with this treatment, mini linear incisions are made in the eyebrows to give the optical effect of small hairs.


Microblading and Bold Brows

The Bold Brows treatment is a specialty designed for those people who wish toget a thickening of the eyebrows while respecting the aesthetic canons of their face.

The Microblading method developed by Phi Academy for eyebrows is based on a special ratio, called “Phi” and equal to 1.618, which is present in different parts of the face and ensuresrespect of aesthetic constraints.

The first step in the creation of eyebrows with “Bold Brows” Microblading is to make the preliminary drawing by means of a special compass that guarantees compliance with the Phi ratio.

Microdots are then made in the upper and lower contours, which are then connected by arched micro-lines. Finally, micro-lines are inserted between these to give the optical effect of thickening.


Why should I choose Bold Brows Microblading

There are numerous reasons why more and more people are opting for this treatment.

First, eyebrows are a fundamental part of our eyes. Having them folder and natural, in addition to being fashionable, allows for amore youthful and attractive look. In addition, this kind of effect allows you not to have to put on makeup every morning and remove makeup every evening to feel comfortable with your eyebrows.

In general, the Bold Brows method is useful in all those cases such as:

  • Non-symmetry of eyebrows
  • Lack of hair or growth
  • Desire for filling and thickening
  • Desire to achieve an ideal shape of eyebrows


What I need to know about the Bold Brows technique

Regarding features, first of all, it is good to consider the main differences from a tattoo.

Phi Academy style microblading involves the creation of small surface incisions on which pigment will be placed. In tattooing, coil guns are used, which are less precise and more invasive.

As for the sensation of pain, in most cases we are talking about a bearable discomfort. With the tattoo, especially in some areas, the pain is often barely bearable.

After treatment, it is crucialto follow the directions given by the practitioner to maintain the results for a long time.