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Among the most popular noninvasive cosmetic medicine procedures is the lip filler. This treatment consists of infiltrations of hyaluronic acid that give the lips more shape and volume.

But what else needs to be known before doing it?


What are lip fillers

Lip fillers, commonly called “lip fillers,” are the latest frontier in aesthetic medicine. They are noninvasive injections of hyaluronic acid to reshape the lips, acting on both shape and volume.

In contrast to other treatments, such as the use of botox, after a filler treatment, the area looks immediately more alive, fuller, and hydrated.


Who can have lip filler

Lip filler treatment is especially recommended for adult women and men who would like to change the shape and volume of their lips.

It is also open to those who want to rejuvenate their appearance by eliminating small wrinkles and age-related marks.


What a lip filler consists of

The main ingredient is hyaluronic acid ialuronic acid, a natural substance commonly found in our bodies in areas such as the eyes or ligaments.

Its use in aesthetic medicine is because of its water conserving property, inherently acting as a moisturizer cellular and also against aging.

Depending on the desired effect and the starting condition, each filler may contain a mix of other substances. Among the main ones are collagen or other synthetic materials such as PMMA.


Why to get a lip filler

There are several reasons for undergoing this aesthetic medicine treatment.

A first case may be that of a patient who is dissatisfied with the volume of his or her lips, and desires more presence.

A second case may be that of a congenital defect, the effect of which is an asymmetry of the lips.


Risks and benefits of treatment

Before performing any lip filler treatment, it is important to be aware of the risks and benefits.

If the filler procedure is not performed in the correct manner, filler injections can move, resulting in “granules,” or even create scarring. We must also consider the risk of our body’s allergic response to one of the substances contained,

As for the benefits, there are the rapidity of treatment, immediate visibility of results and also the absence of pain.


Why to rely on Cellin Beauty Clinic

Our team consists of internationally renowned physicians and surgeons with dozens of years of experience in the cosmetic and reconstructive field.

We follow all the most stringent medical procedures to ensure the best possible result.

Contact us at the following link if you would like more information on the subject and consultations.


You need to prepare for this treatment

No complex preparation is necessary to undergo gender infiltration. The only note concerns the days immediately preceding the procedure, during which drinking alcohol, smoking and using dietary supplements are not recommended to limit the risks of bruising and swelling.