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Harmony Xl Pro Roma

The Harmony XL Pro instrument is a multifunctional technology that enables more than 70 globally recognized and certified aesthetic treatments.

This solution is adopted by top aesthetic beauty clinics worldwide where medical professionals treat blemishes such as skin lesions, acne scars, wrinkles, or damaged tissue. One of the strengths of the Harmony XL Pro is its ability to remove any type of tattoo with excellent results. This technology is available at the brand new Cellin Beauty Clinic in Rome.

The treatment can be safely performed on an outpatient basis, and the patient is not required to endure long post-treatment recovery periods


Reference technology and numbers of Harmony XL Pro

The Harmony XL Pro technology is based on laser therapy, which has become popular in recent years for two primary reasons: ease of use and reduced recovery time. This is one of the main reasons why we have incorporated this method into our clinic in Rome.

We use a unique multifunctional instrument that enables treatment for over 70 different options depending on the desired outcome.

Within the device, you can choose from up to 20 different types of lasers, lights, and ultrasound


What conditions are most suitable for Harmony XL Pro

The most commonly treated blemishes with Harmony XL Pro are:

vascular lesions, acne (both active and scarred), and pigmentation. The treatment process for vascular lesions is called “photothermolysis,” while lasers are used to improve the condition of acne. Pigmentation is treated by eliminating surface or deep lesions through point action. The instrument can also be used for body tissue remodeling and restoring skin tone. Additionally, the technology can remove multicolored tattoos with the use of a Q-switch pulsed light laser.

  • Vascular lesions: very frequent, especially in old people, and treated with a process known as “photothermolysis”
  • Acne: both active and scarred, is treated with lasers that progressively improve the condition
  • Pigmentation: is treated by eliminating surface or deep lesions through point action

The instrument can also be used for body tissue remodeling and restoring skin tone. Additionally, the technology can remove multicoloured tattoos with the use of a Q-switch pulsed light laser.


What skin types can be treated in Rome with Harmony XL Pro

There are no limits of complexion to be treated with Harmony XL Pro. Every skin type, from the lightest to the darkest, can be treated without any kind of risk associated with the therapy.

Main tools of Harmony XL Pro


The ClearLift instrument is a non-ablative laser based on Q-switch technology used mainly for:

  • Removing tattoos
  • Rejuvenate skin
  • Acting on superficial wrinkles
  • Restructure the skin
  • Remove spots due to hyperpigmentation
  • Cure the fungus of the nails


One of the special features of ClearLift is the total absence of pain and recovery time.

The  main function of the instrument is based on delivering mini-pulses of light to the skin lasting only a few nanoseconds, achieving the so-called “photo-acoustic effect” effective especially on tattoos and skin blemishes.

ClearSkin Pro

ClearSkin Pro is a very popular and unique instrument in the market. It is a non-ablative fractional effective laser, which has been used to remove wrinkles and for anti-aging effects. 

It is equipped with a contact cooling system that works simultaneously with the emission of energetic pulses, each of which delivers up to 3000 mJ of energy. Each pulse penetrates the tissues to a depth of nearly 1 millimeter and creates coagulation columns that stimulate cellular regrowth and dermal synthesis without altering the epidermal layer.

Moreover, by changing the instrument tip, it is possible to treat acne scars effectively

Dye-VL Pro

This type of solution is very useful for treating vascular issues such as broken capillaries or other injuries. Due to its strength, however, it is also used to alleviate problems such as pigmentation or sunspots.

The device has an application area of 1 square centimeter and provides intense cooling concurrently with heat. It can be applied to the face, forehead, décolleté, and even on hands. Results are usually visible immediately after treatment, and hospitalization after treatment is not required

Pixel Er

The instrument is a fractional ablative laser that uses electromagnetic waves with a wavelength of 2940 nm specifically designed to restore skin tone and improve tissue elasticity.

However, its main use concerns scars, such as those from surgery or post-acne scars. Pixer Er is also used to treat wrinkles, hyperpigmentation problems, and nail fungus.

Other treatments of Harmony XL Pro

In addition to the treatments described in the previous paragraphs, with Harmony XL Pro you can use:

  • NIR: specific module that emits waves in the infrared field used to stimulate collagen production and restore tissue balance
  • Speed AFT: is an instrument designed for permanent hair removal with technology that does not damage the surrounding tissues
  • LP Nd: a module that emits light at 1064 nanometers used to treat deep injuries that cannot be treated otherwise.


How treatment with Harmony XL Pro works

First Visit

Before choosing a beauty treatment with Harmony XL Pro, trust an organized facility that respects all the steps.

First, it is important to undergo an initial visit in which the doctor analyzes the patient’s individual condition and medical history. Then, based on the patient’s goals, an action plan is drawn up, which may involve several sessions spaced out over time.

Also important at this stage is to assess contraindications: the patient must be in good health, have no particular ongoing medical conditions and, regarding the women field, not be pregnant or lactating.

During the treatment

On the day of treatment one goes to the recommended health facility in which the whole thing takes place. The patient is prepared for the treatment with a series of medical arrangements, which, in some cases, may also involve the use of anesthetic creams to reduce the sensation of pain.

Post session

One of the strengths of Harmony XL Pro is precisely the fact that after each session the patient can safely return to his or her daily routine. 

The only effects that may appear on the skin are minor redness that usually goes away within a few days.


To get more information about Harmony XL Pro instrumentation or to book an initial appointment, contact us at the following link.