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Hair Filler Capelli

Hair filler treatment is one of the modern techniques to combat the problem of baldness. It consists of a series of injections that aid the scalp in the hair growth process while preserving the vitality of the follicles.

The main results achieved with hair filler are increased growth, greater volume and robustness of the hair.


What is hair filler

In the medical field, significant progress has been made in treating various conditions, including hair loss, which can affect both men and women of all ages and is influenced by lifestyle.

Unlike other fillers such as eye filler or at the chill, the hair filler involves a series of injections of hyaluronic acid and peptides into the scalp that strengthens and invigorates the scalp and hair, stimulating growth and counteracting the balding process.


Features of the hair filler procedure


The main goal of hair filler treatment is to achieve thicker and stronger hair. This is achieved through a series of effects due to the injected solution. Among the main ones are:

  • Hair growth stimulation
  • Improved blood circulation with increased blood and nutrient supply
  • Counteracting the phenomenon of hair loss

Ideal Patients

In general, anyone with hair loss issues is a good candidate for this therapy, including those who have undergone hair transplantation or simply want stronger hair. Before treatment, the feasibility of the course and the goals to be achieved are assessed with the doctor.

If deemed positive, a shared plan is established, which must be followed to achieve the desired results.

Number of hair filler sessions

The special feature of the treatment is that, if followed comprehensively, it allows for long-term results.

Depending on individual conditions and goals, the number of sessions may differ. In general, the average duration is about 4 sessions in 2 months.

Each session should be separated from the next and previous sessions by a period of 2 weeks.

Risks of hair filler

Due to the use of all-natural components, the risks associated with the procedure are virtually absent.

Regarding the presence of allergies or particular medical conditions, all of this is addressed at the medical consultation stage so that the ideal mix can be identified for each patient.

Side effects

Following each hair filler treatment, some side effects may occur. The main ones include redness and itching in the areas where there have been injections.

It is also possible that you may feel slight pain or have small hematoma formation in the treated areas.

In any case, you should not worry as all of these reactions are natural and have a duration of 2-3 days maximum..
If further reactions occur, it is important to notify your treating physician as soon as possible.