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Trattamento Hair Care

At our clinic, you can now receive the innovative Hair Care treatment.

This treatment involves a series of injections of a hyaluronic acid concentrate and other factors that stimulate hair growth, strengthen the hair, rehydrate the scalp, and counteract the mechanism of hair loss.


Hair Care and Hair Loss

The phenomenon of hair loss has been known since the oldest populations on our planet.

Over time various theories and solutions have been proposed, also with low results, to combat thinning.

Only for the past few years have we been able to identify actual causes and remedies to the problem.

One of the most effective treatments for counteracting and treating the effects of hair loss is Hair Care.


What is Hair Care

The term “Hair Care” refers to a medical-aesthetic procedure that, through micro-injections into the scalp, works on the hair by giving it greater strength and robustness.

Before Treatment

Before undergoing a treatment such as Hair Care, it is advisable to have a consultation with a specialized physician. In fact, the pre-session consultation phase is crucial to assess aspects like the patient medical history, starting condition, presence of allergies, and goals one wants to achieve.

How Hair Care is conducted

Once goals and pathway have been shared, on the day of the treatment the patient has to go to the recommended medical facility. The treatment is minimally invasive.

After preparing the room, the doctor proceeds with injections via a small needle.

These injections occur in different areas of the scalp according to the patient’s characteristics.

The procedure is generally fast and takes no more than an hour.

Post session

After each session, the patient can resume his or her daily life without special restrictions. Possible side effects are entirely temporary and concern the possible appearance of small hematomas, slight pain and reddening cutaneous redness. The reactions should not be frightening as they typically last a few hours and resolve automatically.


Benefits of treatment

Among the main effects of Hair Care treatment are:

  • Structural strengthening of hair
  • Reduction of hair loss phenomenon
  • Rebalancing of the scalp
  • Full scalp hydration
  • Normalization of the skin
  • Reduction of the phenomenon of dandruff


Features of hair care

For whom it is indicated

All patients who want to improve the overall condition of their hair and scalp can undergo this type of treatment.


The sensation of pain experienced during the procedure is minimal and more like pain.

Risks and contraindications

There are no particular risks in undergoing a hair care treatment. Drawbacks  might involve the presence of injected substances to which we are allergic.

This means, it is important to fully define your clinical picture during the consultation phase.

Number of sessions

The number of sessions depends on the patient’s individual condition and variable depending on the results.