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There has been a lot of talk in recent times about “full face,” an innovative aesthetic medicine treatment. The purpose is to restore facial volume and tone that have faded due to age.

Full face consists of treating multiple areas of the face within the same session. It makes use of different techniques that the doctor chooses based on the need for correction. Very effective technique in filling frontal, glabellar, mouth wrinkles, crow’s feet corrections, as well as lip and cheekbone volume augmentation.

Results are achieved by injections in some areas of the face through one or more sessions.


What a full face is for

Over time, the skin of the face undergoes changes. It becomes less elastic and flexible; it appears more discolored and less alive; wrinkles and signs of aging appear.

If factors such as diet, sports and daily body care slow down the process, such anti-aesthetic features generally do not regress.

In this context, we begin to talk about aesthetic medicine, with either traditional solutions such as plastic surgery or more conservative ones such as the use of fillers.

In particular, “full face” filler treatment allows us to recover the natural features of our face, regaining the freshness and harmoniousness of the past.


Who the treatment is for

Undergoing a full face is a way to erase the signs of aging and regain the beauty of your face.

The treatment is particularly aimed at those who want to improve facial volumes in age-marked areas such as the cheekbones, forehead, lips, dark circles, or even the jawline.


How full face works

The principle on which the full face is based is quite similar to other treatments such as the lip filler or the chin.

The first step is to conduct an initial consultation with the physician. During this phase, the patient’s medical history and expectations of the procedure are analyzed.

Synergistically with the physician, the possible areas of action are checked, in this case what areas of the face are to be changed and in what way.

Of fundamental importance is also the choice of the type of filler, whose components might have a different combination depending on the case.

Due to the presence of hyaluronic acid, the face is stimulated to produce elastin and to hydrate abundantly. This leads to tissue lifting and space filling, with effects visible even immediately.


Treatment features

The full face treatment consists in a non-invasive surgery; in fact, compared with classic facial surgery, full face injections impose no restrictions during the pre- and post-surgery phases.

On the opposite, the patient can resume his or her daily activities immediately after the session, with small temporary limitations concerning, for example, excessive physical exertion.

Regarding the number of sessions, this is closely related to the starting condition and the results to be achieved.

In cases where more than one session is required, it will be up to the technician to identify the exact number and how to distribute the injections.