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Filler Solchi Naso

The presence of naso-labial wrinkles at the sides of the mouth is a sign of advancing age. Through filler injections, these signs of aging can be eliminated quickly, quickly and painlessly, filling in the sides of the mouth and eliminating the “bulldog” effect.


What are naso-labial fillers

Aesthetic medicine has made great strides in recent years. Among the most specialized areas are those of noninvasive visual treatments, such as filler injections.

These are needle infiltrations of hyaluronic acid and other substances with the task of minimizing the effect of wrinkles and rejuvenating the skin. 

Unlike other solutions such as the lip fillers, in this case the affected areas are those between the corners of the mouth and the nose.


Why get a nose-lip filler

The reasons why millions of people each year undergo this kind of treatment, belong to aesthetical nature reasons. After many years, wrinkles (called “naso-labial” lines) form around the mouth, which have the effect of aging the face.

These lines, also called furrows, are common from age 40 and up. They can also be accentuated due to lifestyle, such as sun exposure or due to habits such as smoking, or due to genetic predisposition.

By means of a filler to the naso-labial furrows, it is possible to minimize the presence of lateral wrinkles, add volume to the cheeks and firm the skin around the mouth. Through fillers, there is also a stimulation of collagen, a youth-giving substance that gradually comes to diminish with age.

As a result, a significantly rejuvenated appearance can be achieved in an immediate time.

The duration of filler effects varies from case to case and can extend from 6 to 12 months


Features of naso-labial fillers

One of the most important characteristics is the total absence of waiting time to see the results. This factor is typical of filler treatments, as opposed to others such as botox where it can take up to 72 hours to observe the effects.

Only a few minutes after the injection you can return to your normal life, without any kind of restriction.

Another noteworthy feature is the absence of pain. In our clinic, in fact, these are micro-injections performed by extremely competent medical personnel with many years of experience behind them.

Following a nasolabial filler, however, there might be cases of unwanted reactions such as itching, swelling and skin redness.


Why choose Cellin Beauty Clinic

We are an innovative clinic whose main goal is the total satisfaction of our patients. Our staff is highly trained and composed of experienced surgeons. We work in accordance with all protocols in the medical field to ensure patient safety and results.

If you would like more information about nasolabial fillers or consultations about them, please contact us at the following link and we will get back to you as soon as possible.