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Dermamelan is a marketed product from Mesoestetic that is used to combat skin marks and blemishes. 

Its active ingredient acts directly at the base of the pigment, leading to a permanent solution.

The treatment can be conveniently performed at home and has a total duration of 4 months.


What is Dermamelan

By taking care of our own appearance, we have to pay attention to details. Some times even just a localized skin spot can trigger problems on a psychological level.

To eliminate these kinds of problems, one of the possible solutions is Dermamelan. It is a trademarked cream that acts by depigmenting the area where it is applied.

This cream is designed to combat skin spots of melanin on the face through a permanent action, preventing their reappearance in the future.


Dermamalen, spots and hyperpigmentation

Treatment based on Dermamalen is functional against all those spots due to melanic hyperpigmentations. These are nothing more than very common skin conditions that lead to the formation of spots on the skin.

A very common example of melanic hyperpigmentation may be melasma, which is an irregular concentration of pigment that appears in areas such as the cheeks, forehead, or nose. Other frequent cases include solar lentigines and ephelides.

Depending on the reason from which they arise, hyperpigmentations can then be classified into:

  • Hypermelanosis, which specifies the case where there is an excess of melanin in the outermost two layers of the skin
  • Hyperchromia, due to hemoglobin-related issues
  • Hypercarotenemias, in which too much carotene generates spots.


Methods of treatment with Dermamelan

Treatment with Dermamelan solution is very simple and intuitive.

First you have to perform some test in the outpatient clinic to check the depth of the spots you want to treat.

Also in the outpatient clinic, during the first session, a solution is applied to clean the stratum corneum of the epidermis of fatty substances. Immediately afterwards, a special mask, called “Dermamalen Mask,” is made to be worn, which lightens the skin and fights the spots.

The mask is kept on for a time defined by the doctor. After this time has passed, the patient can remove it and clean the face with warm water. At this stage, it is crucial not to be exposed to sunlight to prevent further staining.

Starting 48 hours after mask removal, then apply a dose of product along the entire face, massaging continuously until it is absorbed.

This process should be repeated for 2 times, morning and evening.

The first results are visible from day 3. After about 2-3 weeks the treated spots lighten and the skin appears regenerated.


Further information about the therapy

Because of the deep action that this cream causes on the skin, it is preferable to perform a treatment with Dermamalen in months with little sunlight, such as autumn or winter.

As for contraindications, it is essential not to be allergic to any component of the product and not to have irritated skin. If the patient is a woman, it is preferable not to start treatment if you are pregnant or lactating.