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Tricopigmentazione Effetto Densita

Density effect trichopigmentation is one of the solutions that the technique offers in the medical-aesthetic field. The goal is to recreate the optical effect of “thickness” in patients with hair loss who wish to maintain their hair longer than 5mm.

What trichopigmentation means

Hair loss is a common problem nowadays and both men and women suffer from it. From medicinal solutions such as minoxidil and finasteride, or surgical ones such as the FUE hair transplant or DHI, a new technique has been added for several years: trichopigmentation.

This is an aesthetic specialty that, through the injection of ash-colored pigments into the skin, aims to recreate the optical effect of the presence of hair.

The technique is feasible in both permanent and temporary versions. In the latter case, bioresorbable pigments inserted into the superficial dermis, just below the dermo-epidermal membrane, are used.


Trichopigmentation with density effect for men and women

Thanks to trichopigmentation, it is possible to treat 3 different cases: the density effect, the shaved effect and the scars.

While performing the density effect, pigments are placed in the scalp to increase the perception of volume. The composition of the pigments is also specific and variable depending on the patient in terms of hair length and color. this type of trichopigmentation is applicable in both male and female cases.

Generally, the trichopigmentation treatment in the female case is feasible but must be carefully evaluated by the technician. A hair care such as Hair Filler or Hair Care, could be complementary to obtaining the desired result.

In the male case, however, the density effect is generally feasible as long as the thinning is concentrated in specific areas (typically vertex) or is very limited. The treatment allows the optical sensation of thickness to be achieved while maintaining a hair length of even more than 5 mm.


The instrumentation dedicated to the treatment

To perform the density effect, the technician must be equipped with dedicated instrumentation consisting of:

  • Machine: this is a dermograph similar to a tattoo machine but engineered to insert point pigments and not lines.
  • Needle: has a special conformation that allows precise control of pigment release in the superficial dermis.
  • Depth: is much less than tattooing. To achieve a temporary density effect, you work at 0.5 mm needle depth. This ensures that you are working in the superficial dermis.
  • Pigments: are made specifically to achieve the density effect. In the temporary case they are of such a size that they can be progressively bioresorbed over time.