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Over the past few years, carboxytherapy has become more and more popular asa facial rejuvenation treatment. It is a minimally invasive method that works on lax, inelastic and dry skin.

Through this treatment, one can achieve a look with fewer wrinkles, more energetic and brighter overall.


What is carboxytherapy

When we talk about carboxytherapy, we mean that treatment that requires the injection of small amounts of carbon dioxide into the subcutaneous layers. The main goal of this procedure is to eliminate fat deposits and stimulate collagen production.

These effects are achieved as a result of increased blood circulation due to the body’s response. In fact, the body interprets the accumulation of CO2 as a deficit of oxygen and nutrients, responding accordingly with an accumulation of red blood cells.


How carboxytherapy works on the face

Carboxytherapy treatmenthelps increase skin metabolism by stimulating oxygen production and hydrating tissue. When carbon dioxide is injected into the body, it reacts with the water molecules present to form carbonic acid molecules. This causes the pH of the skin to be lowered, which in turn stimulates oxygen production.

The first step in the treatment is a visit with the medical facility during which the patient’s medical history and expectations are analyzed.

On the day of treatment, one goes to the agreed medical facility, which can also be an outpatient clinic.

After preparing the room, the patient is laid down in a well-lit chair that allows the doctor to have a full view.

Skin injections are then given to different parts of the face, such as the forehead, the eye area, or the jaw. The treatment causes no particular pain.


During and after treatment

The overall duration of the procedure is typically 20-30 minutes. Typically, patients undergo periodic cycles of carboxytherapy injections, with sessions of 5 to 10.

The number of sessions and spacing in time are agreed with the clinical facility based on personal conditions and goals to be achieved.

Immediately after the injections there may be a marked itching sensation that disappears in a few minutes.

It is possible to have a warm sensation in the CO2 application areas on the first day after treatment.

In most cases,the results last for several months.


What effects do I get with carboxytherapy on the face

Carboxytherapy can be applied to the body, as in reducing abdominal fat deposits or treating scars, and especially to the face.

When applied to the face, due to the improved blood and nutrient supply, as well as the stimulation of collagen production, it achieves the following effects:

  • Improved general skin
  • More elasticity and skin tone
  • Deep hydration and care of skin laxity
  • Reduction of swelling of the skin
  • Reduction of local fat deposits, such as bags under the eyes
  • Improvement of the luminosity of the skin
  • Stimulation of the regeneration process of the skin
  • Ccare of wrinkles and signs of aging


The instrumentation of carboxytherapy

To achieve the effects described in the previous paragraph, a special instrumentation is used in carboxy therapy: the “carboxy-pen.” This is a kind of gun with which the amount of CO2, depth and flow are adjusted.

Thanks to this instrument, the practitioner has a certified and safe tool to achieve long-lasting results without causing any pain.


Is carboxytherapy to the face safe?

Carboxytherapy treatment to the face can be considered relatively safe. Among the main controindications are heart disease, acute embolism, ranelike disease, pregnancy, and fever.

As for side effects, the only ones reported may involve bruising and itching in the areas of application.