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Before performing a botox treatment, make sure you are a good candidate.


What are botox treatments

What is botox? And why is it used so often? Let’s shed some light on the subject.

Botox is a protein that originates from botulinum toxin through the action of a bacterium, Clostridium botulinum.

A great deal of use is made of this substance in modern medicine because of its effects in our bodies, both cosmetically and curatively.

According to a study conducted by the “American Board of Cosmetic Surgery,”in 2016 there were as many as 7 million injections in the United States alone.


How botox treatments work

The working principle of butolin toxin is very simple.

Botox is a member of the class of neurotoxins. When these toxins come into contact with our body, they act on the nervous system. Specifically, they interrupt the transmission of nerve stimulation signals that cause muscle contraction.

As a result, the muscle enters a phase of “temporary paralysis,” which reduces the presence of wrinkles and relaxes the skin. 

When applied to the face, it causes its skin to relax, like a natural facelift, and overall rejuvenation.

After an injection session, it can take up to 3 days to observe its effects.

The duration of the effect of botox is time-limited and can vary from 3 to 12 months, depending on the treatment being performed.


Where Botox can be used

The main areas where Botulinum is used are glabellar wrinkles, caused by corrugator muscles, crow’s feet at the side of the eyes, and forehead wrinkles.

Another area often chosen for these infiltrations is between the eyes, at the top of the nose.

Other areas of the face include the corners of the mouth, acting on “smoker’s wrinkles,” and the jaw, especially in the masseter muscles.

Botulinum toxin is also used to treat hyperhidrosis, the results resulting in a marked reduction in sweating in the treated body part.


What you need to know before botulinum treatment

The best choice one has to make is to rely on a competent medical center.

In fact, before treatment, it is essential to check that you are suitable for treatment in terms of allergies, sensitivities, clinical history and even expectations.

It is also good to consider possible side effects, such as dry eye, swelling and bruising around the injection site.

In our clinic we follow the most stringent protocols in the medical field to ensure the best post-injection result.

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