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One hears very often about radiofrequency as an effective treatment for the body, less invasive than surgical procedures but still effective.

What do you need to know before undergoing this technique?


What is radiofrequency

In the field of aesthetic medicine, there are many different treatments and pathways. The patient is faced with very different choices such as cosmetic surgery or the use of botox and filler injections.

With the passage of time, however, all those paths that, while providing significant aesthetic improvements, are noninvasive are increasingly in demand.

Among all these, radiofrequency (RF) plays a key role.

The RF pathway consists of the useof an instrument on the body that emits radio waves. These waves, as they pass through the layers of the skin, stimulate collagen production, which leads to various benefits..

The overall duration of each session varies depending on the areas of the body to be treated. Generally, however, it does not exceed one hour.

Radiofrequency can be ablative or nonablative depending on whether it acts in the deep layers or only on the surface, and it is applied to both the face and body.

For an in-depth look at facial radiofrequency click at link, while for an in-depth look at the ablative version of the face follow the link.


Benefits of body radiofrequency

Undergoing a radiofrequency treatment has several benefits on the body:

  • Skin tightening: One of the main problems that appears with age is soft, poorly toned, aging skin. Such effects can be stimulated by factors such as diet and everyday life. Through RF, the body benefits by regenerating and relaxing the skin.
  • Treatment of different conditions: the special feature of radiofrequency is the ease with which it adapts to different skin types and conditions. Examples may be the presence of scars or stretch marks. In these cases, even after only a few sessions, you will notice a visual and tactile improvement.
  • Safety: This is a noninvasive and completely painless course. Immediately after each session, the patient can resume their daily activities without any special restrictions.



There are some contraindications that are worth knowing for those who decide to undergo RF treatment:

  • Women undergoing lactation or pregnancy. Treatment is not recommended to avoid potential fetal problems.
  • Patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases or carriers of pacemakers, as radio frequencies could interact with the heartbeat
  • Patients being treated against muscle disorders, who might experience worsening as a result of the treatment


Post-treatment phase

Following treatment, it is possible in some cases to experience small sensations of pain, similar to that of a burn. In these cases, the symptoms are easily quelled by the application of ice or anti-inflammatory medication.

For maximum safety, it is recommended to not use chemicals for a week directly on the RF-treated areas.

The first results are also visible immediately after the first session. To achieve better results, however, several sessions with a defined cycle based on one’s goals are recommended.