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Among the most annoying wrinkles on our face are those known as “barcodes.” These are that set of vertical lines that form between the upper lip and the nose. 

Thanks to the advancement of modern medicine, it is now possible to resolve this discomfort in just a few minutes.


What are “barcode wrinkles”

The signs of aging appear in our bodies in various ways. Especially facial wrinkles, a clear sign of advancing years..

In the set of all these lines that appear, age us and make us lose appeal, some turn out to be more “uncomfortable.”

We are talking about “barcode” wrinkles, in English barcode. That is, all those vertical, parallel skin marks found between the upper lip and the nose.

Also known by the term “smoker’s wrinkles,” they are theresult of repeated contraction of facial muscles.


Filler for barcode wrinkles

Filler treatments are one way to be able to soothe the effect of barcode wrinkles.

Through the injection of certain substances, mainly containing hyaluronic acid,the skin is stimulated to gain more elasticity and tone. 

The presence of hyaluronic acid also allows deep hydration of the entire area, the effect of which adds to the previous one.

Consequently, through a filler session, it is possible to revitalize the vertical wrinkles that form under the nose and get your young face shape back


How the barcode wrinkle filler works

The procedure that is followed is quite similar to that provided for the other variants of fillers: the cheekbone filler, the tear groove filler or the rinofiller.

Before treatment

The first step is to perform a medical meeting with the doctor who will be doing the infiltration. At this stage, it is advisable to choose carefully the medical facility you rely on in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

During the consultation, the practitioner explains to the patient how the technique will be performed, showing the possible expected results. Important factors will be also analyzed to achieve the success of the treatment such as the patient’s medical history or allergy to certain chemicals.

The Day of Infiltration

On the day of treatment, which can be considered a non-invasive surgery, the patient goes to the medical facility or the designated outpatient clinic.

The doctor, after preparing the solution, inserts it inside a syringe that he connects to a dedicated cannula. This is a needle with a special tip used by medical facilities to improve the quality of results.

Before inserting the needle, in some cases the doctor spreads a aesthetic cream to desensitize the area.

After the injection, the doctor gives a gentle massage to the area to distribute the inserted solution.

After the surgery

Following the surgery, the patient can return almost completely to his or her daily life. 

Exceptions are some activities such as extreme sports in the first few days or direct exposure to UV rays without the use of protection.

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