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The Allurion program is a revolutionary method of losing weight without resorting to any invasive procedure..

It is based on the ingestion of a vegetable capsule that, when filled in the stomach, gives a feeling of satiety that decreases appetite.

In most cases, up to 15 percent of body weight is lost in just 16 weeks.


What is the Allurion program

Losing weight can be a significant challenge for many people. Some individuals struggle to adhere to a strict and consistent diet over time. Yet, at the same time, undergoing surgical treatments can also be complex.

In this context, Allurion may be the solution. It is a weight loss program based on an oral gastric pill that, once in the stomach, fills with liquid and creates a sensation of satiety.

The method is entirely non-invasive and does not require any surgery, anesthesia, or endoscopy.


How Allurion gastric balloon insertion works

The procedure lasts about 15 minutes.The capsule containing the gastric balloon is inserted into the oral cavity by means of a thin wire.

Once it reaches the stomach, the capsule will fill with about 500 ml of water, remaining inflated for about 16 weeks.

During this period, the function of the balloon is to create stomach occupancy that leads the patient to feel full, eliminating snacks and favoring smaller portions.

To keep commitment and results monitored, the patient also has an app through which to analyze his or her body parameters.

Once the period inside the stomach is over, the balloon will automatically deflate and be expelled via the intestinal tract. 


Diet and nutritionist

The Allurion program also requires some adjustments on the diet side.

First, it is necessary to refrain from ingesting any food or liquids in the hours prior to capsule insertion.

The greatest effort, however, concerns the stage following the balloon’s expulsion, in which a number of progressive steps must be followed to rebalance stomach function and move to a steady maintenance stage.

For example, the first stage involves ingesting liquids for one week, drinking only small amounts.

Then, from day 8 to day 11, foods with a “soft” consistency, such as purees or yogurt, are allowed.

Finally, solid foods such as corn on the cob, peas, and tomatoes are introduced, and then a regular diet can be resumed from day 15.

At all these stages, it is advisable to consult a nutritionist to follow the diet best suited to our needs.


Side effects of the Allurion treatment

Following the Allurion program may result in some side effects. Among the most common are nausea and vomiting, especially in the hours following balloon insertion.

Gastric reflux and heartburn may also occur.

In all these cases, there are medications that can help us quickly overcome the problem.

In case the balloon deflates independently before time, you would notice a blueish color in the urine. In this situation you should contact the medical clinic as soon as possible to proceed with the removal of the balloon.